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What does “California Chardonnay” even mean?

Can the real California Chardonnay please stand up?

Beats, Vines, and Life

Is hip hop an entry to wine, or is wine an entry to hip hop? Either way, Jermaine Stone thinks they’re inseparable How did you find your way into wine? For many…

The Rise of Still Varietal Meunier

Why some producers are showcasing this Champagne blending grape’s potential as a standalone variety.

Are Hybrids the Future of Wine?

Say the word “hybrids” and often the first thing that comes to mind are cold-hardy grapes. Meant to withstand freezing temperatures, grapes such as Frontenac and Traminette are cultivated in Minnesota, Vermont, Canada, and other regions that aren’t hospitable to many vinifera vines. But, over the past few decades, new schools of research have focused on creating disease-resistant grapes.

“Petite” Wines are a Big Deal for American Winemakers

John Ragan, MS, once hosted a series of training videos on the wines by the glass served in the restaurant group where I formerly worked. On the subject of a Washington State…

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