Amanda Claire Goodwin

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Amanda Claire Goodwin

Who I am:

I love wine, food, and travel. I started blogging in April 2017 and it’s been the best decision of my life. I’m WSET II certified and founder of National Orange Wine Day on October the 6th. I’m a nurse by profession but also hold a degree in English. I have a boyfriend and a 16 year old Maltese named Snowy. I live in New Jersey but travel frequently to NYC.

Additionally, I have a special interest in wines from lesser known regions. I am constantly on the search for something unique and special to share with my audience. I love trying wines that the general consumer has never heard of and sharing my experience. Every good wine has an equally good story and as a wine blogger it is my wish to share these stories with you.

What I do:

I review wine, events, and places of interest. Occasionally I’ll throw in a drink or food recipe. I have a few YouTube videos posted as well. Join me on my adventures and make sure to check out my Instagram for all the action @therealhousewine