Amy Paynter

Born and raised in New Zealand, I was introduced to the wonderful world of wine by my parents. Both are avid wine drinkers, and the act of opening a bottle to share and talk about with everyone was a common occasion at our family dinners. I went on to combine a love of science and the outdoors into my career with passion – achieving a Bachelors of Viticulture and Oenology from Lincoln University. From there on, my  progression through the wine industry ranks has been a #Blessed combination of good luck and the kindness of the most wonderful people. From vineyards to cellar work to upper management, I have been honoured to work in almost all aspects of wine production. I’ve been sunburnt from hours of vineyard work, cleaned barrels in the snow, fallen over in a puddle of rosé lees in cream coloured shorts and loved every minute of it.

I’m currently working as an assistant winemaker in California, and when I’m not out enjoying the amazing local wines, I love baking and going on epic bike rides with my boyfriend, who’s a professional cyclist.