Courtney Lanthier

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Courtney Lanthier

As a lover of art and all things fine, my introduction to wine began in my first year of university. I never liked wine growing up, and now it’s a staple in my diet. I love to explore new grapes and producers; I am always in search of a new ah-hah moment!

I’ve dipped my toes in many pools so to speak, including natural resource protection, Indigenous relations, art history, life-guarding, and so on. My favourite pools always seem to be the ones filled with wine.

Outside of wine, I love to run, cook, spend time with loved ones, and travel. I work in community economic development, and am passionate about food and wine tourism, and advocacy. In my role, the part of my work that I enjoy the most is connecting with other foodies, working with business owners, promoting agricultural and food based businesses.

Favourites – warm climate Cabernet Sauvignon (particularly Napa Valley); Brunello with any kind of Italian fare; and a crisp glass of Prosecco. Bubbles should not have to wait for a celebration!