David Crowley

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David Crowley

In 2010 following a holiday to Europe, I discovered my passion for travel and history. These were the building blocks for an obsession with wine. Subsequent trips from Australia took me to some of the most amazing wine regions including the Loire Valley (Sancerre and

Pouilly-Fumé) and Tuscany. I learned to appreciate the hard work and sacrifice of the winemakers and value the amazing landscapes that they cultivate.

It’s a shame that I have only just realised that my own country of Australia produces some of the best wines on the planet. It is now my job to explore all 2,468 wineries and photograph as much of the 135,000 hectares of it as I can. This challenge resulted in my wife Emma and I to start Aerial Vineyard (Instagram: @aerial_vineyard), which aims to showcase the amazing landscapes of vineyards throughout the world with drone photography.

I look forward to sharing the stories of the winemakers and their land with you.

You can follow me on Instagram @aerial_vineyard and my website www.aerialvineyard.com