Elena Grigio

My name is Elena Grigio and I’m the person behind Forwinesake. I hold an MBA degree in food & wine from the University of Bologna (Italy). For two years I explored different parts of Italy, learning wine firsthand by working in a variety of local wineries (Tasca d’Almerita (Sicily), Vigneto San Vito (Emilia Romagna)). With 5+ years of experience in wine (business consulting, sales, marketing, education) I now help growing brands to establish their names through creative writing, photography and events.

When I’m not writing, teaching or attending wine tastings, I enjoy cooking, playing piano, exploring the streets of New York and watching Italian movies.

My blog, Forwinesake is a space where I share my thoughts on events and wine culture, tips on learning about wine, my travel experiences, favorite dining spots, conversations with notable people in the wine industry and more.