Elodie Oliver

​​Elodie is the Digital Media Coordinator for The Vintner Project. Having earned her WSET Level 2, completed a harvest in the Central Coast, and spent time working in a wine bar, she is excited to support the Vintner Project in sharing wine industry news and wine-related education with all who are curious.

Elodie completed a Masters degree in Food Studies and Psychology from New York University, which deeply shaped the critical lens through which she approaches the wine industry. She is passionate about educating consumers about the many ethical considerations that come into play throughout the winemaking process, and how these ideas bring broader social systems into question. She uses her Instagram platforms Elo Wine Time and Wines That Crush in this educational effort.

On a given evening, Elodie is most likely drinking “natural” wine on a rooftop somewhere with friends, passionately explaining why “natural” isn’t a trend. When she’s not researching, educating about, or consuming wine, you’ll find her on a walk or sprawled in the park, pondering life.