Gabi Subert

My name is Gabi and I run a food and wine blog called “The Tipsy Bite”. I live in Northern Virginia with my soon-to-be husband (November in Key West!!) and our two pups, Stella and Cash. Our favorite vacation destination is the Napa Valley for obvious reasons and have been visiting at least yearly for almost 6 years now. I did not truly appreciate wine until we started visiting, and now I am ALL in! So much so that we are currently planning our honeymoon to visit Spain and Southern France for all things wine! I am an equal opportunist as far as New World + Old World wines go, and love sharing my knowledge with my followers. Since I reside in Virginia, aka the US’s 5th largest grape producer, I have been making it my goal to learn as much as I can about VA wines as well, to add to my vino knowledge bank.