Kristin Watts

The roots of Kristin’s penchant for wine were planted fifteen years ago. Discovering the stories that unfold from person, place and bottle inspired a desire to share these stories that reflect the resilience, passion and soul which mirror her French heritage. 

Driven by this passion, she strives to bring these stories to curious consumers eager to drink better wine with more meaning.

An empathetic nature and inherent drive for connection brought Kristin to diverse corners of the world where she has immersed herself in many aspects of the intricate web of wine, including NYC, Shanghai, and Minneapolis. Last year, she arrived in France to be closer to the source and to learn alongside growers whose work she shares with importers in the United States (and to complete her MBA and WSET 3 😉 )

A close connection with her Grand-mère (Marie-Madeleine Zéphyr, a WWI and WWII survivor growing up in Reims, France,) inspired Kristin’s love for French wine and passion for storytelling – particularly from the regions of the Loire Valley, Beaujolais, Mâcon, and Champagne. 

Based in Dijon as she nurtures relationships with growers throughout France, she looks forward to sharing stories that reflect the evolution within the vines, the bottle and the voices of the growers that make it all possible.