Maliha Adams

Maliha Adams is a brand strategist and specializes in social impact marketing, fundraising, and organizational development in the food and wine space. She focuses on brands with social impact initiatives and helps them use their platforms for justice, empowerment, and reform. Throughout her career, she’s helped founders and brands develop their own stories and connect with their own communities, organize, and scale up. 

Maliha grew up moving every 2-3 years throughout Africa, North America, South East Asia and Europe. She completed her undergraduate degree in business and communications in Virginia and went to culinary and wine school in NYC. Currently, she is the Communications Director for a culinary arts nonprofit, has a freelance business, and is on the regional board of a gun violence prevention organization. She also writes occasionally. On the weekends, find her running in the park, baking, and drinking sparkling wines! Follow her @maliha.adams.