Narissa Sawh

Narissa was born and mostly grew up in Toronto, Canada. She has a very rewarding career in Technology, is WSET Level 3 and prepping for French Wine Scholar. She loves a great story and is passionate about food, world-wide travel and fine wine. She prefers small production, quality, hands-on traditional winemaking or as she refers to it “tasting the vintners love in a glass.”

Spending time as a child in the Caribbean (Trinidad) she grew up with lots of stories. In fact, most teachings, lessons and experiences were conveyed through stories over food and drinks. Occasions were marked with sparkling wine and sherry as these were the ‘best’ and ‘special’ selections at the time. This is where she gained a deeper appreciation not just for wine but for the beautiful moments and people it brought together.

“Wine just has a way of opening our hearts.” Some of her best conversations and experiences have been over many wonderful bottles. They say when you are in love you hear Puccini in your head, Narissa describes her love for wine as hearing Andrea Bocelli… “Just simple elegance and poetry for your senses.”

When Narissa is not looking for her next wine experience or planning a trip, she is diligently working on a personal project that is near and dear to her heart. She will be releasing it this summer so stay tuned! She also enjoys yoga, boxing and trying to learn a few songs on her new guitar.

Instagram @Under_the_cork