Neslihan Ivit

Neslihan Ivit is a professional wine grower with a scientific background and a wine and food communicator. Her expertise in wine industry starts from the vineyard and extends to the glass.

Neslihan holds a BSc diploma in Food Engineering with an associate degree in Business Management, and an international MSc diploma in Viticulture and Oenology from France and Spain. During her studies, she specialized in sparkling winemaking and yeasts, with her published thesis research and scientific reviews. After graduation, her passion to wine and eagerness to work in different wine growing countries took her to Turkey, France, Spain, Chile and USA, before settling down in Canada in 2016. To combine her international winemaking experience with a deeper focus on wine regions, she obtained her Level 3 award from the Wines & Spirits Education Trust in early 2020.

Along with making wine and conducting technical projects about viticulture and
oenology, her passion to wine led her blogging and photography. Since 2015, she writes about her experiences in the vineyards, wineries and kitchen, and tells stories of wine professionals from all around the world. Her wine and food pairing contents and wine photographs won international recognition. She finds joy in sharing, communicating digitally and also continuously learning every aspect of food and wine.

Instagram and Twitter: @winesofnesli