Patty LeDonne

Patty LeDonne is a technology consultant by day, whose true passion is wine and travel.  Combining these two has brought about so many amazing experiences that she loves to share them. 

Her and her husband have traveled across a handful of continents and dozens of countries. Their journey started on their honeymoon to Italy to visit their ancestry and the experience left them wanting more wine filled travel adventures. On the next trip, somewhere between Bordeaux and Chateauneuf du Pape, they decided they wanted to travel to all the wine regions of the world.

Her belief is getting off the beaten path to explore a wine region gives you a true taste of the culture and a communities way of life. Exploring a region is all about discovering great food, beautiful countryside and amazing people. She has been able to uncover wines not found at home, and the experience soon moves beyond color, smell, and taste. By meeting the people behind the wine, and learning the passion that goes into the making, it gives you something that goes beyond tasting that bottle of wine. It’s similar to when you share a bottle on a special occasion, or with a group of friends, as those situations enhance the entire experience.

It’s this connection with the regions and the people that drive her to share her wine travels. The hope is it will inspire you to find your own unique wine adventures. She shares her travel pictures on Instagram @winetravel and her wine travel experiences on