Robert French

Robert is a Southern California native, who relocated with his wife to Sacramento a few years ago. By day he works the streets. Literally, he manages road maintenance and improvement projects. When he’s not on the street, you might find him at a local winery or brewery.

He makes a point of traveling for wine and beer whenever he gets the chance. For Robert, enjoying wine is as much about the wine, as it is about learning the story behind the wine and the people who made it. He enjoys exploring new areas, including the local food and drink scene. He makes a point of visiting and supporting smaller and locally owned producers. Robert has visited well over 150 wineries in California and has a goal of visiting all of the numerous California AVAs over the coming years. When talking beer, you can find his writings at both and He also occasionally blogs at and can be found on Twitter and Instagram both @threefrenchs. Also on Facebook.