Sarah Compese

My name is Sarah Compese, born and raised in Los Angeles California. I have been passionate about wine since I can remember, taking little sips with my dad as a young girl. Worked in the restaurant industry for 20 years, I currently work for a winery in Malibu for the last 6 years. I have my CSW and WSET both level 2 & 3. My goal is to move out of California further North by the end of the year and pursue my love in the wine industry. Hence, the reason I started corksunleased in November, 2017. I am so passionate of winemakers that are doing it right both for the environment, the folks that work for them, & the consumer. I post a weekly wine pick every Friday of someone that I just think is really special. No big names, no scores. Guys and Gals that dedicate their life to their craft. #knowyourwinemaker 🙂