Sarah Richin Fagan

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Sarah Richin Fagan

Sarah started off as a social worker in Charlottesville, Va., working with many different populations, but quickly learned she’d like to help people in a different way: to learn about wine and expand their knowledge and palate.

Sarah’s passion for wine developed after many trips to Monticello AVA wineries, reading many inspiring wine books (shout out to Bianca Bosker of “Cork Dork!”) and dozens of wine nights. This inspired an educational and tasting room tip blog, Sips with Sare, and subsequent wine Instagram account @sipswithsare to educate the everyday drinker.

Sarah moved to Portland, Or., with her husband for an internship working the 2018 Harvest and to explore the vast Willamette Valley. From forklifting, to racking, to inoculations, her love and enthusiasm about wine continued to grow. It brought Sarah to her current job working out front in a tasting room, to online with the social media accounts, and in the back room exploring the process from grape to bottle. Sarah has visited countless wineries and is excited being so close to Pinot Noir and Big Bold Red country!

Sarah holds a WSET Level 2 certificate with distinction and is planning to pursue her Level 3 next year!