Silvia Palasca

Hello, I’m Silvia Palasca, from Romania and my dream is to put this country on the wine map. Web designer and social media marketer during the day, wine geek after the night falls.  I would love to introduce you to some of the world’s youngest cellars, mostly following a New World philosophy in two Old World countries, Romania and its neighbor, Moldova.

I first became interested in the fascinating world of wines during a trip to a winery when I was still studying for my Ph.D. in economics. As a highly sensorial person, I was amazed by the way aromas blended together and the passion the winemakers put into each step of the process.

Since I wanted more than just being a wine enthusiast I went to study WSET Level 2 (hopefully 3 soon). I love attending wine fairs and tastings to discover new gems which I share on my Instagram and blog.