Thomas Kobylarz

Back when I was living in San Francisco in the early 2000s, I started to take notice of how unique and special wine was culturally at the time. With Napa and Sonoma only an hours drive north, wine was more common in the social fabric as it was so accessible and I immersed myself as much as I could. I did not grow up in a wine drinking family, wine was not something on the dinner table like it is for me now.  After migrating back to NYC, I missed my easy trips to wine country so I threw myself into reading about wine and attending tastings in Manhattan to keep learning. I started a successful wine tasting group, the Hoboken Wine Group. I partnered, organized and executed successful wine tastings and wine dinners with producers and retailers. I started to make close friends in the wine business. And most importantly I have visited many of the great wine regions around the world in Europe, South Africa, and the US.  Mostly self-taught, I passed my WSET Level 3 certification “With Distinction” (wine nerd speak for “honors”) and recently passed a few parts of the WSET Diploma.

WSET Level 3 Certified

WSET Level 4 Diploma Student





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