Veronica Laguardia

I am passionate about the world of wine, so enthusiastic that, with a bit of courage, I quit my previous job to jump myself into a glass of wine. I’m not a winemaker, and not even an agronomist but one of my happy places are vineyards, after my home surrounded by “my lighthouse” Silvio and my cats Shapù and Syrah.

As I see it, the most exciting thing is to be inspired by stories behind a wine or behind a winery, and then taste that wine deeply understanding its value… and after that tell it and share it.

I’m a WSET student, and mainly I’m a learn by doing, sipping and reading kinda woman. In the meantime, I work in wine industry for several Italian wineries, primarily from Sicily, as wine sales Agent in Palermo my home town.

I also love photography and traveling, so I express my passion here and on my instagram account.