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Joseph Cattin Riesling 2018

Joseph Cattin Riesling 2018

Jacques Cattin Junior| Photo Credit: Joseph Cattin


Limited yields. Guyot pruning, with 5 500 vines per ha on average. Sustainable farming practices to preserve the richness of our terroirs.

Gentle, whole-cluster pressing in stainless-steel tanks. Aged for a minimum of 6 months in old oak barrels.

An exceptionally dry Riesling with crisp citrus aromas. Ideally paired with raw fish and fresh seafood.




The Cattin family, of Swiss descent, can trace their arrival in Alsace to the year 1720. The family settled in the village of Voegtlinshoffen, south of the Alsace wine capital of Colmar, where they immediately planted vines and began the viticultural legacy that continues today. The domaine is named for Joseph Cattin, who became renowned for his pioneering work in grafting that is widely credited for saving some of the region’s best vineyards from phylloxera.

Today, the estate is run by Jacques and Jean-Marie Cattin, as well as the latest generation, Jacques Jr. The family owns 160 acres of vines planted to all traditional Alsace varietals, and have two separate wineries — one of which is dedicated solely to the production of their incredible Crémant wines.