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Five things boutique wineries can do to improve social media results in 2019

Five things boutique wineries can do to improve social media results in 2019

Following the 2017/18 financial year, Wine Australia surveyed 180 wine companies and found that cellar doors are the driving force behind direct to consumer sales,
The challenge?
Getting consumers to choose your cellar door. 
With wine prices rising, wine consumption levelling off, baby boomers retiring & a recession looming – it’s a potentially gloomy outlook for smaller wineries – but the solution may be at your very fingertips.
Educating and engaging consumers about your wines has never been easier thanks to social media.
So if you’re thinking about upping your social media strategy in 2019, you ’re smart, as the number of global social media users is expected to hit 2.5 billion  one 3rd of the world’s entire population.
Here are five low-cost, high-impact things that boutique wineries can to improve social media results in 2019:

1. Be Consistent – and before you turn around and say ‘I know’ – go back and analyse your feed and be honest with yourself. How many times have you posted in this last month? Proven research from 14 studies by QuickSprout found you should post once a day on Facebook and LinkedIn, 1- 2 times a day on Instagram, twice on Google +, 15 Tweets on Twitter and up to 30 Pins per day on Pinterest. Before you freak out, know that there are platforms & software out there to help you with this –  BUT if you’re going to use Social Media as a (free) & potent marketing tool to grow your business and brand, then you have to start to treat it like one. Nothing will kill social media branding efforts more than sporadic posting. If you only Tweet once every few days or upload one new Instagram picture a month, you’re wasting your time. 

2. Mix Up Your Content – people are on social media to be social, not to be sold too. It is OK to showcase & sell your wines but keep it limited to once a week if posting daily or to one in every seven posts. Make sure you are providing value to your followers & give them a reason to return to your page continuously. Entertain them with wine humour, educate them about wine varietals, tap into their emotions and find out what they enjoy. Mix up your content with photos, text & video – and don’t skimp out on the last one. Cisco has projected that more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021.  Don’t think you have what it takes to get in front of the camera? Find someone at your winery who does!

3. Give Out Free Stuff – there are no things people like more than free things, and when I say things, I mean quality things. Give a starting influencer a bottle or two of your wines in return for promoting it on their profiles, run a competition for your audience or hold a free wine tasting LIVE course – this is your opportunity to get creative, to have fun & get to know your customers. Millennials like experiences and they prefer to have a relationship with brands they buy from. If you can’t get them into your tasting room – bring the tasting room to them via Social Media. 

4. Hone In On Your Branding – so simple yet so powerful. Just like your wines, make sure your Social Media is living and breathing your brand. Think about your brand colours, font, voice, values & image – and make them congruent across all of your channels. Think of things that let your customer know IMMEDIATELY to stop scrolling on their feed – an example could always be using the same photo filter or stamping every image with your wine business logo in the bottom right corner. With so much noise on Social Media, you want to put in the extra effort so you can stand out. An excellent way to do this is to create templates within Canva; you can save your palette & fonts so your look and feel will always be consistent across multiple platforms. 

5. Get On Pinterest – Research from the Global WebIndex  found the following facts:

  • Pinterest’s active user base grew by 111% in the past six months, and surprisingly, Facebook’s increased by only 2%.
  • Millennials are using Pinterest just as much as they are using Instagram. 
  • Out of the 150 million active users per month, 50% are making an income of $50k+ per year & 10% are making $100k+ per year – meaning they have a disposable income to spend (on your wine)
  • 93% of users are browsing Pinterest to plan a future purchase – meaning they are there with a buyers intent. 
  • 87% of those browsers have made a purchase. 
  • Pinterest visitors spend twice as much time on a website than a visitor from Facebook.
  • Pinterest users not only buy more frequently, but they also spend more. Shopify users referred by Pinterest, for example, spend an average of $80 compared to Facebook referral of $40. 

What to do next? Set up a Pinterest business account – create boards, post relevant pins (30 per day), link them back to your website & watch your account fly. 

P.S Pinterest is pro SEO (Search Engine Optimized), meaning that both Pinterest & Google will rank your content depending on the keywords you’ve selected for your piece, so include relevant words that your targeted audience would be searching for. 

Social media is crucial to getting ahead in this digital world that we live, it can easily be a full-time job, but starting with these five tips will help you get ahead of the vast majority of your competition in 2019. 

So put these things in your marketing plan for next year; be consistent, mix up your content, give out free stuff, hone in your branding and get on Pinterest.

And remember if you can’t drag the wine lovers into your tasting room, bring the tasting room to them with your powerful online presence across social media. 

Have fun!