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The Coral Wine Project

The Coral Wine Project

For a country that loves wine and owns 1,777 kilometers of mainland coast plus more than 1,200 islands, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Croatians are aging their wines underwater.

The Coral Wine project is the brainchild of Marko Dušević, an entrepreneur who also owns a mussel and oyster farm and produces smoked seafood products. After four years of trial and error, the first Coral Wine bottle was released commercially in 2017.

Today, the Coral Wine’s underwater cellar contains over a hundred different types of wine from more than 30 different wineries from all over Europe. The wines are stored between 15 and 30 meters under the sea level. Wine can benefit from the lack of direct sunlight, constantly cool temperature, water current, and water pressure. Under this condition, the wine develop faster, become softer, gain flavor complexity, and are deemed more approachable than its land-aged counterpart.

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