LIVE BLOG: Upcoming Virtual Wine Events Worth Checking Out

By Nelson Gerena

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In the absence of tasting rooms, walk-around tastings and other events due to the Coronavirus pandemic, winemakers, sommeliers and educators are leveraging platforms such as Zoom and Instagram Live to bring virtual wine experiences to consumers stuck at home.

This live blog will provide a running, curated list of virtual wine events being hosted across the wine industry.


Famous Sherry Bodega, González Byass To Aid Spanish Government In Fight Against COVID-19

González Byass, owner of Viñas del Vero, Bodegas Begonia, Tío Pepe, London No 1 and Lepanto Brandy, has made their technical and human resources teams available…

Interview with Marbue Marke, Winemaker at Italics Winegrowers

"I hope that we consistently produce wines that are “distinctive”, “reflect the dirt it is grown on”, and most importantly, ENJOYABLE for many!" Marbue Marke…

B.E.V. NY Highlights Accomplishments & Opportunities For New York Vineyards

‘You’re having a moment. And you know it.’ – Cathy Huyghe to New York Winemakers B.E.V. NY 2020 | Photo Credit: NY Wine & Grape…
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Paso Robles Finds Unity — and Excellence — in Diversity
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Dani Rozman’s La Onda
Interview with Conor Quilty, Winemaker at Unionville Vineyards
Amador Cellars: A Taste of Italy in the Shenandoah Valley

Glamour In The Vines

Wine’s journey from grape to glass requires a lot of dedication and backbreaking work.  Picture this: You’re sitting at home, on the couch, after a…
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December 2, 2019