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4 Women in Wine Worth Watching

4 Women in Wine Worth Watching

Today is International Women’s Day and I’m keen to get amongst it by sharing some of my most popular Q&A’s with women in the New Zealand wine industry with you.

I’ve asked 4 women in various areas of the wine trade what it means to them to be a “woman in wine” in New Zealand.

Rose Finn

Sales & Marketing Manager at Neudorf Vineyards

“To me being a woman in the New Zealand wine industry is awesome, I think being a man in the New Zealand Wine Industry would be too. Why? Because the industry itself is so special. Its innovative, exciting, we make a unique product and have a great time doing so. I am lucky enough to work with both men and women who are intelligent, humble, bright and fun. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

Find out more about Rosie in our Q&A here.

Mary-Therese Blair

Wine Writer / Mermaid Mary

“Women in wine for me is an acknowledgement that we are stronger together & a reminder for us as women to lift each other up and support each other. I feel sad when I hear WIW (or any feminist movement) being described as anti-men because nothing could be further from the truth. We regularly have men attend our functions, WIW is about inclusivity & joining the celebration of women’s contribution to what has traditionally been a male dominated industry.”

Find out more about Mary in our Q&A here.

Nic Olsen

Hawke’s Bay Wine Ambassador & Viticulturist at Pernod Ricard

“Being a women in wine means everything to me, both in viticulture & my role as HB Wine Ambassador. I’ve had to work hard to cultivate the future I strive for. It’s about being patient, growing together, having an understanding of one another and learning all the time. We need to be kind to ensure we create deep connections to move forward with.”

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Alice Rule

Winemaker at 3Sixty2

“Being a young woman in wine has undoubtedly been a hard journey. However the adversity that comes with being a square peg in a round hole has been my biggest driver for change, the discomfort my most efficient teacher, and the fear my most poignant informant of what I really care about. All this has made me more empathetic to the challenges of others. It’s prepared me to stand by not only women in wine, but to stick up for others who are less represented and commit to creating an inclusive industry culture.”

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The NZ Women in Wine initiative was launched in 2017. Find out more about ithere.