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Prothro Family Wines: 24 years in the making

Prothro Family Wines: 24 years in the making

Nelson Gerena

Meet Bruce and Ronda Prothro. Proprietors of Prothro Family Wines, a Napa Valley based winery focused on producing small, handcrafted wines made with grapes sourced from some of the valley’s top vineyards. Together, Bruce and Ronda handle all aspects of the family business from winemaking to label design and even managing their Instagram account. They’re 100% self-funded and intentionally keep their operation small in order to maintain the level of focus needed to produce their ultra-premium wine.

Bruce and Ronda’s  journey into winemaking began back in 1991 in the small two car garage of their home in Los Gatos, CA. For several years, the couple traveled up and down the state sourcing grapes and learning the craft from veteran vineyard owners and winemakers. As their family grew and the demands of their careers increased, the couple put their winemaking dreams on hold. After a 16-year hiatus and both kids nearing college, the couple resurrected their dream of becoming winemakers and expand their heritage as home winemakers into Prothro Family Wines.

The couples goal is to produce limited quantities of wines that have structure, integrated tannins and acidity to age but are also appealing upon release. Their elegant and balanced award winning wines are available exclusively to their wine club members and sell out fast. Their first release sold out in just 5 weeks!