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Vintner Interview: Ismael Gozalo – Microbio Wines

Vintner Interview: Ismael Gozalo – Microbio Wines

Another of my favourite Instagram accounts is from Microbio Wines so i’m delighted Ismael Gozalo gave me the time to run through my ‘Meet Your Maker’ questions.

Producing wines under his own label as well as under Microbio Wines, Ismael comes from a family with a long wine making history.

Known for making wines in Rueda at Ossian taking advantage of the un-grafted old vine Verdejo, often referred to as ‘El Mago de las Verdejos’ (Wizard of Verdejo).

He is also known for creating wine at his families vineyards in Nieva where some of the vines are over 200 years old and pre-phylloxera.  These have never seen any chemical treatments over the generations that have cared for them.

​Ismael’s particular focus is on natural and often experimental wines to ensure “there is no interference between the terroir and the bottle” ​

Ismael Gozalo |

Full Name:

Ismael Gozalo Palomo

How long have you been making wine?

Wine making over 5 generations (Ismael launched Ossian with Javier Zaccagnini in 2004)

Can you tell us a bit about the winery and your vineyard location?

The winery is a very old cellar dating back to the XI century. We are located in the province of Segovia in the village of Nieva, just in front of the Nieva church.

What varietals do you grow and which is your favorite?

I work mainly with indigenous grapes like Verdejo but I also have some Tempranillo, Merlot and Syrah. Verdejo is my favourite grape to work with.

How would you describe your wine making style?

I make my wine completely free, I lost all sense of panic and stress a long time ago!!!

What is your desert island wine if you could only pick one wine? (Can’t be your own!)

I would pick a double magnum of La Vigne De Mon Pere Ganevat.

What do you most admire about the wine industry?

Nothing about the wine industry but only in the world of natural wine, the people are amazing.

What is your favourite wine growing region (apart from your own!)?

Jura is my favourite wine region.

What’s one bit of advice you would give to aspiring winemakers?

Lose all panic and be free. If you want to be happy always have your feet in the earth and your head in the clouds.