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Vintner Profile – Janu Goelz | Alara Cellars

Vintner Profile – Janu Goelz | Alara Cellars

With only one vintage under her  belt as winemaker and proprietor of Alara Cellars, Janu Goelz has quickly emerged as the rising star to watch in Santa Clara Valley. Her big, bold and incredibly delicious wines have received numerous awards and recognitions, including 10 Hottest Brands by This is her story.

Here’s the video breakdown

00:00: How did you get started?
00:45: What sparked your interest?
01:34: Tell us about your brand and inspiration?
02:08: What’s your favorite wine to produce?
02:35: Tell us about your Negrette
03:30: What’s been most challenging?
03:49: What was it like growing up in Morgan Hill, California?
04:34: What makes Santa Clara Valley special?
04:06: Wine spotlight: 2017 Viognier
06:03: Wine spotlight: 2016 Pinot Noir
06:51: Wine spotlight: 2016 Reserve Pinot Noir
07:37: Wine spotlight: 2016 Negrette
08:08: Do have a winemaking mantra?
08:57: What’s planned for the next release?
09:22: What’s next for the brand?