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Five Awesome Urban Wineries in San Carlos, CA

Five Awesome Urban Wineries in San Carlos, CA

The best kept secrets in the Bay Area you need to know about

The Tasting Room at Flying Suitcase Wines

Wine consumption and popularity is on the rise, and in the Bay Area, you no longer have to drive out of your way or travel to wine country to enjoy it straight from the source! Urban wineries have become far more popular in the past few years with the increase of wine’s demand. These wineries typically don’t grow their own vines due to location and space, however, they usually produce the wine on-location and are therefore a true “winery”. Urban wineries like these are all over the country—including San Francisco, New York, Portland, San Diego… there’s even a full-out wine trail here in San Carlos! Below are five awesome urban wineries worth exploring in San Carlos, California.

Domenico Winery

Founded in 2001, Domenico Winery is the true O.G. urban winery in San Carlos, starting the trend for the area. They have their own vineyards in Amador County and source additional fruit from the Santa Cruz Mountains. Inspired by their Italian heritage and the tradition of family winemaking, Domenico produces high-quality, expressive wines primarily crafted from Italian grape varietals. Their tasting room is the largest in the area and was recently renovated, making it a beautiful destination for tastings and events.

1697 Industrial Rd, San Carlos, CA 94070; (650) 593-2995;

Cuvée Wine Cellars

Tucked away in the heart of industrial San Carlos, those who happen upon Cuvée Wine Cellars are delighted to discover this hidden gem. As a self-described “artisan” winery, Cuvée produces limited releases of Bordeaux-inspired wines. Cuvée was founded by Paul Rogerville, a passionate home winemaker who dreamed of becoming a bonded winery. He not only produces his own amazing wines at Cuvée, but also provides a location for other up-and-coming urban wineries to produce their wine and hold their tasting events. Cuvée has won numerous awards for their wines throughout the year. 

1001 Washington Street, San Carlos, CA 94070; (650) 610-9810;

Old County Cellars

Old County Cellars is owned by four wine-loving friends who immersed themselves in winemaking. They produce wine in small lots, which allows them to watch over the wine intently and craft high-quality, limited-edition bottles. The four owners are usually at the tasting room pouring and talking about their wines, and during pickup parties for members the can be found there cooking beautiful dishes that pair amazingly with their wines. They recently moved out of the Cuvée tasting room into their own space on Old County Road.

295 Old County Road #1, San Carlos, CA 94070; (650) 918-7716;

Flying Suitcase Wines

Flying Suitcase wines was built simply from a passion of drinking great wine. With beautiful labels and attention to detail, their tasting room is a must-visit in San Carlos. The winery was founded by a husband-wife duo—Anders is the winemaker and Vikki is often the one pouring in the tasting room and educating people about their wines. On weekends there’s typically food spread out to pair, and the tasting room is buzzing with happy activity. 

915 Washington St, San Carlos, CA 94070; (650) 636-6737;

Russian Ridge Winery

Producing small lots of 40 to 200 cases, Russian Ridge emphasizes quality in their wines. They source their fruit from the best lots in Napa and the Santa Cruz Mountains to find grapes that will express what they are looking for in the glass, believing that great wine starts from great grapes. Since all their wines are from single vineyards, their wines vary vintage to vintage, always providing a unique experience. 

919 Washington St, San Carlos, CA 94070; (650) 851-9690;

There are several other urban wineries in San Carlos, and they are well-worth the visit if you’re in the Bay Area. Not only are they convenient, but you also get a personal touch at these wineries, with small-production wines and people who truly are passionate about their craft.