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40th AVA Anniversary of Dry Creek Valley

40th AVA Anniversary of Dry Creek Valley

Photo Credit: Prinsley Photography

Established as an American Viticultural Area in 1983, Dry Creek Valley is one of the first wine regions in California to be recognized as an AVA. On August 4th this beloved region will celebrate its 40th AVA anniversary. Dating back to 1880, it all started with nine wineries and 900 acres of planted vines. With only two of those wineries surviving prohibition, Pedroncelli and Frei Brothers, the history here is deep rooted. There are now 70 wineries producing world-class wines, most being multi-generational family owned and operated. Although the Dry Creek Valley AVA is best known for Zinfandel and its historic old vines, it’s important to note there are 150 growers growing a plethora of grape varietals. All in all, this wine region is incomparable!

The gateway to this Sonoma County valley is the famed town of Healdsburg along with Cloverdale and Geyserville closing the embrace as you head north. Just 2 miles wide and 16 miles long, exploring this unique AVA is simple. Here you’ll find two main country roads, five stop signs and 10,000 acres of pure magic. As you look out over the valley, the vineyards resemble your favorite blanket laid across the floor. With ideal coastal and inland influences for the climate and soil composed of alluvial material deposited over thousands of years, the grapes grown here are full of flavor. Touring the valley, each winery you visit feels as if you are right in their home making special memories. Being one of the smallest wine regions in California, it is also mighty and has quickly become the hot spot for wine tasting! 

The community is strong and family oriented, with much support for each other. There is a distinct awareness of the importance of being good stewards of the land, with a large commitment to sustainable farming and winemaking so that future generations can likewise enjoy the magical beauty and bounty of the land. 

The Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley® (WDCV) is an association of more than 50 DCV wineries and 100 growers dedicated to advancing the recognition, enhancement and preservation of Dry Creek Valley as a premium winegrowing region. We recently celebrated the AVA’s anniversary by hosting a panel tasting, bringing the legends and the bright next generation together to discuss the history of the land and winemaking in Dry Creek Valley. Following the panel, many enjoyed a walk around tasting of multiple, and very special, DCV wines. We look forward to continuing being advocates for our Dry Creek Valley AVA and all it has to offer.