A Role Model For Women In Wine, CEO Sailé Ramirez of Hammeken Cellars Accepts Award For Best Export Manager In Spain

Ramirez marks 2nd Anniversary with growth and resilience to lead expansion in 10 countries including new brand introductions throughout the U.S.

Spanish wine producer Hammeken Cellars is proud to share the achievements of CEO Sailé Ramirez in celebration of Women’s History Month. Appointed in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ramirez’s resilient leadership style has been crucial in enabling Hammeken Cellars to increase gross profit margins by 1.5% worldwide. Since 2021, Hammeken Cellars has expanded to more than ten new countries, launched six new brands, and planted over 250,000 trees as part of its sustainability program. Capping two years of growth, Ramirez just accepted the Best Export Management award on behalf of the Hammeken Cellars team at the Mercados de Vinos y la Distribución event in Madrid.

Founder Nicholas Hammeken, the current Director of Innovation of Hammeken Cellars and former CEO, has worked with Ramirez for years, developing profound confidence in her leadership style. “I am so impressed by Sailé’s strong communication and negotiation skills, and her ability to consistently deliver quality results that reflect our commitment to brand-building, sustainability and innovation,” shared Hammeken. Hammeken Cellars has championed women in the C-Suite, including CFO Mari Luz Gilabert and Ramirez. Both are proud to serve as role models for women in wine and business and recognize that women remain under-represented: according to a 2020 study by European Women on Boards (EWOB), less than 5% of Europe’s top companies had a female CEO.

Ramirez is equally appreciative of the enthusiasm and initiative of her team at every level from vineyard management and winemaking to sales, marketing, and operations. “The wine industry requires so much dedication to move the product from the vines to our consumers, “says Ramirez, “Hard work and doing what we love are the common thread for all of us at Hammeken.”

About Hammeken Cellars

Nicholas Hammeken, Founder and Director of Innovation of Hammeken Cellars, is a cellarmaster by training who developed an appreciation for the consumer appeal of approachable, quality wines after years in the retail sector. By 2001, informed by years of travel in Spain, Hammeken unlocked a winning approach: to use indigenous fruit from the best places in Spain to create fresh, approachable wines with partners who share in his modern vision. The company has an unconventional path; with no geographical limitations in working with long-term partners to source fruit in over 18 regions. Wine Director, Marcelo Morales, brings over 20 years of winemaking experience to lead a team of six winemakers throughout Spain to directly manage every aspect from the vineyard to maturation. It’s a flexible model that allows Hammeken to focus on innovation with no compromise on quality. Named 2022 Best Export Management team in Spain, Hammeken Cellars is led by CEO Sailé Ramirez, one of the top women in the Spanish wine business. Leading brands include bestsellers like Radio Boka and Piquitos as well as critically acclaimed expressions of place in over 18 regions like Tosalet (Priorat), Oráculo (Ribera del Duero) and Pasas (Yecla). Hammeken Cellars is based in Alicante on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.