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Giesen Introduces 0% Sparkling Brut, the Latest Release From the Global Premium Non-Alcoholic Wine Leader

Giesen Introduces 0% Sparkling Brut, the Latest Release From the Global Premium Non-Alcoholic Wine Leader

Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut will debut for holiday 2023, responding to popular demand for premium alcohol-removed wine that is effervescent, flavorful and low in calories

MARLBOROUGH, New Zealand, Oct. 3, 2023 – Giesen 0% of New Zealand, the global premium brand leader in alcohol-removed wines, is thrilled to unveil the newest addition to its premium non-alcoholic range: Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut. Available now, Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut is the latest release in an award-winning range of wines, including 0% Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, RosI, and Premium Red.

“Whether we’re making 0% or full-strength wines, we want to give wine lovers an elevated wine experience to match every occasion and preference,” says Duncan Shouler, Giesen Wines Chief Winemaker. “For Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut, we kept the residual sugar levels low and focused on a dry, refreshing profile that bursts on the palate with lemon, grapefruit, and pear. You get a wonderfully energetic, non-alcoholic sparkling wine that is naturally lower in calories. For wine lovers seeking to expand their wellness choices, that’s reason to celebrate!”

Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut is meticulously sourced from select cool climate, highly aromatic grapes from the Waipara region in the South Island of New Zealand. The winemaking team focuses on specific parcels selected for their notes of zesty lemon and grapefruit balanced with pear and stonefruit blossom flavors. 0% Sparkling Brut begins life as a premium full-strength wine before being dealcoholized through spinning cone technology.

Light, playful, and effervescent, Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut is styled as an all-occasion sparkling wine with lemon, grapefruit and pear flavors, elevated by effervescence and ending with a velvety mouthfeel that lingers on the palate. Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut is both dealcoholized and low in calories; with only 21 calories per 5 oz serving with no added sugars, it is one of the lowest-calorie sparkling wines available. New Zealand wine lends itself extremely well to sparkling wine styles due to the purity of fruit flavor and great natural acidity.

Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut is a testament to Giesen’s commitment to innovation and quality. As a pioneer in the NOLO (No and Low-Alcohol) category, Giesen has invested in cutting-edge spinning cone technology to produce premium alcohol-removed wine offerings with low calories. Giesen 0% employs this technology across their range to gently remove the alcohol while preserving its delicate aromas and vibrant character. For Shouler, the quality of the base wine is paramount to the final product. Classic winemaking techniques and careful fruit parcel selection ensures that the base wine is of the highest quality before the delicate process of alcohol removal begins. Shouler’s commitment to staying true to style offers a drier, crisper, and more invigorating profile, foregoing excessive sweetness for fruit-driven flavors.

Interested in learning more about the process behind Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut? Click here to watch the full video with Chief Winemaker Duncan Shouler taking you through a tasting of the wine and how it’s been made, or click here to watch the tasting video only. Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut is available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $19.99 at Boisson and The Zero Proof. Giesen 0% wines are exclusively imported by Opici Wines & Spirits.

For more information about Giesen 0% Sparkling, including samples and interview requests, please contact Katherine Dolecki ( or Helen Gregory ( at Gregory + Vine. Photos for editorial use are available to download here.

About Giesen Group

Founded by brothers Theo, Alex, and Marcel in 1981, family owned Giesen Group of New Zealand has been an industry leader for nearly four decades. With an uncompromising drive for quality and a strong culture of innovation, the brothers’ investment in their people, vineyards, and dynamic portfolio of wines has resonated with consumers worldwide. Based in Marlborough, the Giesen family produces wine to be enjoyed at every occasion, from their highly awarded organic Clayvin Single Vineyard wines to the widely successful Giesen Estate wines and Giesen 0% range. Inspired by today’s preference for mindful drinking and flavorful choices, Giesen 0% is the world’s leading premium range of alcohol-removed wines, including New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, RosI, Riesling, Premium Red Blend and Sparkling Brut. For more information on Giesen Group, please visit

About Spinning Cone

Giesen Group is a pioneer in the non-alcoholic wine category, having introduced the world’s first alcohol-removed New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – Giesen 0% – in early 2020. Today, Giesen Group is leading the category investment as the first New Zealand winery to own a spinning cone unit, allowing for winemaking innovation, varietal trials and ultimate quality control. Representing an investment of over $2 million, the Giesen Group spinning cone machine gently distills wine into three layers: aroma, alcohol and body. Leaving the alcohol aside, the distinctive aroma is combined with the body of the wine to create 0% alcohol wine with as many recognizable varietal characteristics as possible. All Giesen 0% wines contain no more than 0.5% alcohol/volume, the level required for non-alcoholic beverages (comparable to the amount of alcohol that naturally occurs in fruit juice). Led by Chief Winemaker Duncan Shouler, Giesen 0% is crafted by a team of passionate, award-winning winemakers specializing in no-and low-alcohol creations. This technology enables Giesen Group to elevate both the quality and innovation in the NOLO category. Giesen Group continues to set the industry standard, now with plans to install a larger spinning cone unit by the end of this year. The installation will introduce a pioneering system that utilizes waste alcohol from the process as a fuel source, aligning with Giesen’s strong commitment to sustainability. This significant investment reflects their commitment to meeting the growing global demand for their non-alcoholic wines.