TVP Direct $149

Limited Time Prelaunch Rate: $149/Month

We’re launching the first discovery platform for wine lovers to find wineries focused on direct-to-consumer distribution. We’re giving winemakers a full suite of business features to control their Vintner Project Direct page so they can tell their story and sell more wine! We don’t take a cut of bottle sales – we charge just a flat monthly fee.

We started The Vintner Project to tell the stories of wineries and the people behind them. We’re now making it easier to search and discover winemakers, find out about their unique story, and buy their wine.

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    Full Control Of Your Winery's Page.

    Control And Edit The Content

    We're giving you, the winemaker, the ability to control your winery's page: edit the content (add videos, pictures, business info, and really anything you'd like), add wine deals/coupons, collect leads, make announcements, create events, and much more!

    Access To Sophisticated Dashboard

    - View Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Page Performance.
    - Create and Manage Special Deals and Coupons.
    - Manage Reviews, Leads, Events.