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Bodega Narbona Tannat Roble 2017

Bodega Narbona Tannat Roble 2017

Valeria Chiola

“It plays an enormous role in the description of our predominant area on calcareous soils, with its character and identity it is the main ambassador of Narbona Carmelo.”

– Valeria Chiola, Winemaker


Through this wine it is possible for us to show the typcity of the Carmelo Terroir.

Despite the different climate conditions that may occur year after year, it is a wine that has managed to maintain its imprint and authenticity beyond variables.

Intense body and marked tannins is a wine that remains in balance with the rest of its components.

The total expression of Tannat.




Our wine cellar has an area of 50 hectares located in the hull of the original farm dating from 1909 where Juan de Narbona founded one of the first wineries in the country. Faithful to the tradition in 1990 the hull is recycled, in 1998 the planting of vineyards began and in 2010 the construction of a new wine cellar began in the original hull for exclusive manufacture of premium wines.

We also have small extensions of fruit trees coexisting with vineyards intended for the production of jams and syrups. And the production of cookies, cheeses, dry pasta and olive oil.In our cellar all senses are activated to live a unique sensory experience, tasting and smells are an essential part of our task.