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Bouza Monte Vide Eu 2018

Bouza Monte Vide Eu 2018

Eduardo Boido

“The phrase “Monte Vide Eu” is said to be the phrase that gave origin to the name of our capital city Montevideo, said by the sailors that arrived to the area in 1520 meaning “I saw a hill”. This blend is a tribute to our capital, which was born as a complex mix of European immigrants, eager for freedom and prosperity.”

– Eduardo Boido, Winemaker


Blend from a selection of barrels of the Tannat, Merlot and Tempranillo varieties. Vinification of the three varieties separately, with manual selection of the grapes grain by grain. Fermentation at 26°C, with 2 pump-overs and a pigeage per day. Aging of the three varieties separately between 12 and 18 months, depending on the plot in French and American oak barrels.




Bodega Bouza winery is one of the leading wine producers in Uruguay with an exciting range of wines coming from vineyards in Montevideo, Canelones and Maldonado. The energetic partnership between Juan and Eliza Bouza and Uruguayan winemaker par excellence, Eduardo Boido, innovation flows through Bouza’s veins – from being the first to plant Albariño in Latin America, and pioneering select-block super-premium Tannat, to making fine wine from the hybrid vine of Frutilla and planting on virgin terroir on the slopes of Pan de Azúcar mountain. There’s a lot to love about the wines of this Montevideo-based winery and it has one of the best winery restaurants in the country, gorgeous architecture and a fabulous collection of vintage cars to boot.