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Cerro Chapeu Reserva Tannat 2019

Cerro Chapeu Reserva Tannat 2019

“In Cerro Chapeu we preserve and encourage the flora diversity in our Tannat vineyards to give natural protection to our grapes; this combined with 40 years of experience of harvesting Tannat in this site; allow us to work our vineyards with minimal handling obtaining good fruit maturity.”

– Francisco Carrau, Winemaker


The grapes are crushed over tanks without pumping. After with low temperature, spontaneous fermentation is slowly started with open tanks and punching down in stainless steel tanks at 20°C. These conditions allowed the development of increase diversity of native yeasts, resulting in more body and flavor complexity. After 10 days of fermentation, the wine is finished in second use wine french oak barrels and then aged for 12 months without any racking over the lies.




Francisco Carrau ́s Tannat wines were pioneers in reaching outstanding special reserve reds developed in Cerro Chapeu with a new style for the Uruguayan and export markets. Vinificated with very mature fruit that results in soft and elegant tannins for a full body wine. During the last 40 years, the best grape varieties were developed in our own vineyards of Cerro Chapeu region. Tannat is one of the best adapt red varieties to the sandy red soil and continental conditions of Cerro Chapeu, resulting in mature tannins with less final alcohol.