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Viña Progreso Overground Tannat 2019

Viña Progreso Overground Tannat 2019

“Delicate winemaking and fermentation in concrete vats result in a truly fresh, fruity and modern expression of the Uruguayan Tannat.”

– Sam Teakle


The grapes come from many small plots located within the Progreso village district. Vineyards of high-density plantation (5000 plants per Hectare) with low yields of 8000–10000 Kg/Ha) / The age of vines range mostly from 10 to 30 years. / Elevation is about 100 metres above sea level, but in Uruguay elevation is not important. The most important is how close to the sea vineyards are. / Soil type is clay calcareous with rather high PH a bit resembling Burgundy soils. With these vineyards we obtain high concentration tannins and delicate flavours and aromas.




This collection is called “overground” by opposition to “underground” as these wines are more civilized and welcoming. They still have an intense color, flavor and structure, showing the character that our climate and soil imprint to each wine. Our goal is never to reproduce an international model, but to make the grapes express themselves as they ripen in our Progreso Region. By harmonizing our viticulture with our production, we produce a very particular style of typical Uruguayan wine, with a very aromatic fruit that not only refreshes the palate but also gives it great strength and structure, but at the same time round and mature tannins. Intense and complex flavors, resulting from the slow ripening season typical of the cool temperate climate of the southern region of the Uruguayan coast. Between parallels 30 and 35, resting on the Atlantic Ocean, Uruguay shares the same latitude with the best viticultural regions of the Southern Hemisphere.