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Pisano RPF Tannat 2017

Pisano RPF Tannat 2017

Gustavo Pisano

“The RPF Tannat is the wine that best represent the Pisano style and our best seller in 48 markets around the world.”

– Gustavo Pisano, Winemaker


Our most prestigious Tannat. Pride of our Family and made with “Pisano style”, in which the Uruguayan Terroir land leaves its evident imprint. It combines the unmistakable ripeness of the New World with the elegance and typicity of the Old World, characteristic of the best years in its land of birth. Tannins surprisingly ripe for the usual behavior of the variety at its origin.




This Reserve began to be created with the aim of preserving very limited quantities of our best wines for the personal consumption of the Family. Through some bottles that reached our friends, more people became aware of their existence. RPF wines are today our most exclusive and prestigious range. Our main intention is they reflect the energetic temperament and Pisano style, also combined with a strong Uruguayan personality.

We harvest by hand the ripest grapes from our less yielding plots and we only reserve the vintages that have stood out for their concentration and elegance. The sun, the soil, the vines, the oak and the hands of our Family, maintain the necessary balance so that our cellars mature these exclusive wines, with the care that only us artisans can give our work. Minimum ageing 6 months / maximum 12 months in new barrels and approximately 6 months in bottle.