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Pizzorno Maceracíon Carbónica Tannat 2020

Pizzorno Maceracíon Carbónica Tannat 2020

“An edition of TANNAT under the Carbonic Maceration method surprises consumers with its fruit characteristics and adaptation to a varied gastronomy.”

– Sam Teakle


The Brazilians adopted them as “Tannatnoir” when they were surprised during their blind tasting in their bright ruby color and a slight structure and intense aromas of ripe fruit.

It has been made since 1999 and is called the “other face of Tannat”, leaving the concept of wine for roast meats or stews, and presenting an option for salads, sushi and a swimming pool on a summer day. We recommend putting it in the fridge for 30 minutes before opening the bottle.




Our mission is to produce grapes of excellent quality, to later obtain fine wines in limited batches, the result of a style of our own elaboration that combines art and technology.

The passion and dedication of the Pizzorno family for the land and for wine, their concern for details, their commitment to their work team and to future generations of the family, make the quality of their wines a registered trademark that is surpasses year after year.