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Familia Traversa Tannât 2019

Familia Traversa Tannât 2019

“This wine was selected this year among the Top 100 Values of the Year by Wine & Spirits Magazine (June 2021).”

– Javier Traversa, winemaker (left)


A short pre-fermentation maceration is conducted at a controlled temperature of 4° C. In this way, an intense color and fruity aromas are obtained, after which selected yeasts are added. Fermented in stainless-steel tanks at a controlled temperature between 25° C and 28° C.

This intense ruby red Tannat with red berries and raisins notes and mineral overtones is fresh while maintaining the power and structure that characterize the variety. Its soft, elegant tannins pair wonderfully with grilled meats – especially with fatty cuts –, hams, Parmesan cheese and stews that taste just like home. Recommended serving temperature: 16°- 20° C.




With over 240 hectares of vineyards, Familia Traversa is not a small operation, but it operates like one. Founded in 1956, the 4th generation of the Traversa family is intimately involved in every aspect of vineyard management and winemaking.  

The family operates the finca sustainably on all levels, from producing 75% of their own energy needs from rooftop solar, to green-cover in the vineyards eliminating the need for herbicides, to recycling the pomace left from winemaking which replaces chemical fertilizers. Even their state of the art farm equipment was selected for its fuel efficiency which also lowers the amount of exhaust fumes in the vineyards.