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Joseph Drouhin Côte de Beaune 2018

Joseph Drouhin Côte de Beaune 2018

“I’m on a mission to make the world know about this lovely wine! It is so delicious. Born as the “baby Clos des Mouches” in 1985 as the grapes came exclusively from the young vines of Clos des Mouches, the current Côte de Beaune red is now a blend of delicious premiers cru from Beaune (still including Clos des Mouches), some Beaune appellation such as “Saint Desiré” and some of the rare “Côte de Beaune” appellation.”

– Véronique Boss-Drouhin, Winemaker


The vineyard site is on the hill overlooking the city of Beaune. This appellation should not be confused with Côte de Beaune-Villages (a blend of various villages from the Côte de Beaune).

Harvesting: by hand, in small open crates in order to preserve the integrity of the fruit.

Sorting of the grapes: in the vineyard and at the cuverie (winery) if necessary.

Maceration: maceration and vinification take 2 to 3 weeks indigenous yeastsmaceration and fermentation temperatures under total control

Joseph Drouhin seeks total control of the process of extraction; extraction gives colour and substance to a wine but should never be detrimental to its finesse and typical character.

“Pigeage” (punching down of the cap during fermentation): once a day until half of fermentation is done; one pumping over (“remontage”) per day till the end of the fermentation.




Today, the House of Joseph Drouhin is run by Joseph’s four grand children, born between 1961 and 1968. They grew up practically in the vineyards and cellars. They have acquired their knowledge with their father Robert Drouhin at their side. Each one has his or her role to play and each shares the same passion for vine and wine. From vintage to vintage, they perpetuate the tradition and do not shy away from innovation in their search for elegance and perfection, the hallmark of Maison Joseph Drouhin.


Véronique is the “guardian” of the Joseph Drouhin style. Together with enologist Jérôme Faure-Brac, she supervises the vinification of the wines, tracking their development and ageing through daily tastings with her brothers.

Véronique received her National Diploma of Enology from the University of Dijon and obtained an advanced degree (Diplôme Supérieur de Recherche) for her work on the pinot noir grape varietal. She worked with Laurence Jobard, the enologist of the House, from 1976 to 2005. In 1988, together with her father Robert Drouhin, she vinified the first vintage at Domaine Drouhin in Oregon where she is still in charge of wine making.
Véronique Drouhin-Boss has three children. She is fond of music and gardening.