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Casa Ferreirinha Vinha Grande 2018

Casa Ferreirinha Vinha Grande 2018

Vintner Project Notes

Looking to explore red wines from the Douro? Casa Ferreirinha Vinha Grande 2018 is a great place to start! A classic Douro red blend of 40% Touriga Franca, 30% Touriga Nacional, 25% Tinta Roriz, 5% Tinta Barroca. It’s medium-bodied, well balanced, and is an an ideal match for roasted meats or a hearty winter stew. Drink now.

About Luís Sottomayor

Luís Sottomayor, winemaker | Photo Credit: Casa Ferreirinha

Luís Sottomayor is a Portuguese winemaker who has been creating award-winning wines in the Douro Valley for over 20 years. His passion for wine and dedication to sustainable practices sets him apart from other winemakers in Portugal. He believes in terroir-driven winemaking, taking great care to ensure that the grapes are grown in the best possible conditions and then carefully picked at the peak of ripeness. Luís is known for his delicate use of oak, producing complex, balanced and full-bodied wines with beautiful aromatics and depth. His commitment to quality has earned him numerous accolades and recognition from wine critics around the world, including Fortified Winemaker of the Year at IWC 2022 Awards.

About Casa Ferreirinha

Photo Credit: Casa Ferreirinha

Casa Ferreirinha has been at the forefront of winemaking in Douro Valley since its inception, quickly becoming the one of the region’s most iconic producers. Their portfolio is expansive, including the easy-drinking Esteva and Planalto, as well as the more complex Papa Figos and Vinha Grande.

The story of Casa Ferreirinha is one that has been defined by an inspirational woman: Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira. Born in 1811 in Régua, she took over her family’s business – Ferreira Port – in 1845 at age 33. She was affectionately referred to as “Ferreirinha” due to her small stature and reserved nature, but Dona Antónia demonstrated great ambition and drive in expanding her estates, creating new vineyards and improving the lives of local farmers. Her legacy has become an integral part of Casa Ferreirinha.

In the 1950s, Fernando Nicolau de Almeida (the technical director of Ferreira) set out to make unfortified wines with aging potential similar to vintage ports. And thus Barca Velha was born – an iconic wine made only on special occasions that combined grapes from both low-altitude vineyards in Douro Superior and higher altitude ones for an even more complex result.

Today, Casa Ferreirinha carries Dona Antónia’s legacy forward through their commitment to making quality wines that not only honor her memory but also bring joy and pleasure to thousands of people across the world.