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Intipalka Gran Reserva No 1 2018

Intipalka Gran Reserva No 1 2018

“Intipalka No. 1, a Malbec-Tannat blend, is our flagship wine. It highlights the notable Ica Valley terroir. “

Luis Gomez, Head of Winemaking at Intipalka


Ica Valley is the most important grape-growing region in Peru. It is one of the first viticulture regions in south America, since the Spaniards brought the first vines, more than 400 years ago. Ica Valley is an oasis outside the “Wine Belt” with excellent conditions to produce high quality wines. Located at 500 meters above sea level and 60 kms away from the Pacific Ocean. It has deep sandy loam soils, an average of 300 sunny days a year and an annual average rainfall below 20 mm.




Luis has taken on the challenge of leading the Winemaking team for Viñas Queirolo since 2019. He is of convinced of the potential of the Ica Valley terroir for creating top end wines for international markets.


INTIPALKA” means “VALLEY OF THE SUN” in Quechua, the language used by the ancient Inca Empire. The name refers to the valley of ICA, where our wines and piscos are produced, which has been known since the Inca times as a remarkable agricultural land because of its exceptional soil and weather conditions.

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