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Sosie Wines Cabernet Franc 2015

Sosie Wines Cabernet Franc 2015

At Sosie, we prefer to focus on food friendly wines which is one of the reasons we make Cabernet Franc. We find that the medium body style lends itself to a wider range of food pairings, from mushroom to lamb to steak.”

– Scott MacFiggen, Winemaker


With this wine we aimed to highlight the earthy side of Cabernet Franc and bring forward aromas of “sous bois” and dark fruit flavors.  

Stagecoach Vineyard is an amazing vineyard to see. It is dominated by iron rich volcanic soil, the whole area looks a bit like Mars. When we started sourcing from there it was still owned by Jan Krupp, who famously hired a dowser — a water witch — to help him find water, which she did! Jan Krupp more recently sold Stagecoach to Gallo.

Block K5 is a block specifically picked to make the style of Cabernet Franc we were going for. When the vineyard was prepared a lot of rocks and boulders needed to be removed from the soil. These were piled up just above where blocks K4 and K5 are located giving those blocks, epecially K5, some sun protection. While most winemakers want to maximize sun exposure we wanted to produce a Cabernet Franc that was more restrained and elegant. This means picking a bit earlier and the partial sun protection also helped




France has always shaped our appreciation of wine. Its influence lives in the way our vineyards are farmed and in the way we treat the fruit in the cellar. We proclaim this affinity with our label and our name, sosie, which is french for “twin” or “spitting image.”

To make Sosie wines we source fruit from several different sites across Sonoma and Napa. We chose these vineyards because each is meticulously farmed to yield ripe, balanced fruit that requires few if any additions in the cellar. Some are at high elevations, some at low, but all share pronounced cooling influences that lend freshness to our wines.