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Tank Winery Thundercloud 2018

Tank Winery Thundercloud 2018

A name fit for a Bond movie. Syrah mostly whole-cluster fermented, where we captured the essence of the cooler climate, high-elevation elements. Also primarily from Shake Ridge with some Syrah from the Frediani Vineyard with volcanic, loamy soils. The Viognier brings bright apricoty notes.”

– Bertus van Zyl, Winemaker


Thundercloud is about enduring and absorbing the dark and dreary parts of life and turning it into something magical…lightning!

Thundercloud sounded like a Roger Moore James Bond flick to us, so we wanted to capture something vintage, yet iconic, for the label. We found a vintage photograph of a cloudy sky and emblazoned it with a copper-gold foil lightning bolt. It looks killer, but the wine inside is even better. Loads of dark fruit, cracked black pepper, and fresh-cut herbs on the nose give way to a rush of blackberry and baking spice laced with dark chocolate and espresso. It’s beautifully textured with velvety tannins and a finish that could go on for days. 




When we opened Tank Garage Winery in 2014, we didn’t know if it would work. In fact, for a while, it seemed like it wouldn’t. Napa Valley just didn’t seem ready for an old garage pumping out eclectic wine blends and vintage vibes. The people that drove by looked confused and if they ever stopped, it was to try and get gas. Nobody seemed to get it.

But then, we found you.

And you told your friends about this weird little winery in Calistoga with cool labels and an affinity for the F word and they started coming too. Before we could even realize, Tank became a full-fledged movement. Fuck, are we forever grateful.

See, this project didn’t start in some focus group or corporate boardroom, it started as a dream. We built Tank as a bastion for dreamers and those looking to defy conventions. A winery that celebrates misfits, bootleggers, and daredevils. No business plan, no exit strategy, just a mission to do cool shit.

So if you are reading this, thank you for sharing our dream. We’ll keep pushing boundaries in winemaking. We’ll keep doing cool shit. And we promise to keep rockin’ and rollin’.