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Grosgrain Vineyards – Petit Grosgrain 2019

Grosgrain Vineyards – Petit Grosgrain 2019

Matt and Kelly Austin

“Petit Grosgrain is called Petit as a nod to the French tradition of appending “Petit” to the name of your Chateau for your entry level bottling.  Petit Grosgrain is a great entry point to our red wine style, which emphasizes freshness and elegance.”

– Matt Austin, Winemaker


Most of our wines are single vineyard, site specific expressions, but with Petit we combine several of the sites we work with to create an overall look at the vintage in Washington.  This Rhone blend changes each year based on the vintage and vineyards that we are working with, and the 2019 is led by Syrah with a healthy dose of Grenache and a pinch of Mourvedre.  Petit Grosgrain is designed to be an approachable and versatile wine for the table.




In 2014, we left our careers as an attorney and fashion designer in California for a new life in the Pacific Northwest. After Matt returned to school to study enology and spent time working with several Washington wineries, we stumbled upon a small vineyard on the Southside of Walla Walla.

Planted with uncommon varieties, these 5 acres became Grosgrain Vineyards, a wine company dedicated to championing underdog grapes, sparkling wines, restrained reds and sustainable farming practices.