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2010 Nerello Cappucio-Benati

2010 Nerello Cappucio-Benati

Nerello Cappucio, also known as “Mantellato,” is native to the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily. Cappucio thrives in higher altitudes, and its name is derived from the shape of its leaves. Literally, Cappucio means “hood” and Mantellano means “cloak.” Most of the time, it is planted alongside its better-known cousin, Nerello Mascalese. Cappucio has smaller grapes than Mascalese and is also sensitive to powdery mildew. Nerello Cappucio is not meant for long term aging and is better suited for blending due to high amount of anthocyans and low levels of proanthocyansidins.

Despite its lack of aging potential, the 2010 Cappucio by Benati was both subtle and spectacular, showing the distinctive qualities describe below:

Tasting Notes: Flavors of dried cherry and red fruits. Mild tannins, low acidity.
Color: Shades of Purple
Scent: Floral notes and violet.
Pairing: Pizza, red meat, certain cheeses