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j brix Audire Pinot Noir 2016, Santa Barbara County

j brix Audire Pinot Noir 2016, Santa Barbara County

San Diegans Jody & wife Emily got their winemaking start as volunteer harvest interns after falling in love with a Pinot Noir grown & made in a Bien Nacido Vineyard.
After 16 hour days, covered in sticky juice & earwigs, they both had the “aha” moment of their new destiny. Jody, already having a career background in horticulture has a keen understanding of plant physiology and applies that intuition & knowledge to each individual growing season.
In 2009, they made 2 barrels of wine in the garage and have grown from 75 cases a year to about 700. They are literally a two-person winery doing everything from winemaking, truck driving, janitorial work, to label design.. etc., etc. Jody’s middle name Is Brix (really!!) and when they realized the connection, it was another one of those “aha” moments. (“Brix”, is the measure of sugars/soluble solids in winegrapes, which is the measure of ripeness & picking decisions.)
Currently they work with 8 varieties & source the fruit from 5 vastly different, soul-stirring vineyards located in the Central Coast, San Diego & the Sierra Foothills. After every harvest, their goal is to allow each of their wines to tell the story of their site & growing season so they practice a strict minimalist approach in the cellar using only neutral vessels, native yeasts, no fining, filtering or cold stabilizing. Their motto, in winemaking & life: ONLY LOVE.. which is on every label and in every single sip.


Wine Notes:
The fruit is all sourced from Kick On Ranch in Los Alamos, Santa Barbara County.  Each of their wines from Kick on Ranch bears the Latin name “Audire” (pronounced Aw-DEE-ray) which means to listen. Jody and Emily strive to listen to the vineyard, the growing season, the fruit and believe this wine has something to say. Only 92 cases produced, so get it while you can! it’s a stunning Pinot!


Other Details:
  • Hand-picked at sunrise
  • 100 percent destemmed
  • Native primary & malolactic fermentations
  • 12 months aging in neutral French oak barrels
  • ABV: 12.7%
  • Pick date: 8/19/16
  • Brix at harvest: 22.7o
  • unfixed & unfiltered
  • Suggested Retail Price: $36
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