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Savage Grace

Savage Grace

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Today’s #wawine from Savage Grace Wines is a recommendation from my friend @mizbrauss . This delicious terroir-driven Pinot Noir from Columbia Gorge was made by winemaker Michael Savage. Michael started Savage Grace nearly seven years ago with the vision of making Old World style lower-alcohol, balanced, and expressive wines with minimal intervention…

The Name:

#SAVAGE – echoes the struggle of the grape to withstand the stress of ripening, along with making wine that is true to the grape, site, and vintage.
#GRACE – also his wife’s name, is symbolizing what he hopes to achieve as the end result a wine that is delicate, balanced, approachable yet expressive.

Tasting Notes?:
Cherry, orange peel, herbs, figs and silky fruit flavors – Definitely a GREAT food wine but I enjoyed it on its own with a handful of chocolates from Chukar Cherries. I believe distribution is limited but get your hands on a bottle if you can! I highly recommend it!