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Sean Thackrey – 2014 Sirius Petite Sarah

Sean Thackrey – 2014 Sirius Petite Sarah

One of the most interesting, rebellious & unconventional winemakers in California, Sean Thackrey crafts his wines in a redwood barn in Bolinas, a small town with no street signs on the coast 30 miles North from San Francisco.
He came into winemaking over 30 years ago with no experience, after a successful career as an art dealer. Sean is entirely self taught deriving all of his knowledge & research from his collection of historic & ancient texts of wine making practices from all over the world.
Sourcing fruit from old vineyards, he applies an old Greek philosophy that allows grapes to sit & rest for at least 24 hours when they are harvested. After the crush, he pours the juice into open top vats to ferment beneath the stars & eucalyptus trees. The word “terroir” makes him cringe saying, “it’s not that it does not matter, there are just so many other things going on.”
He describes AVA’s & appellations as real estate marketing gimmicks & the AOC’s of France as “viticulture racism.” His wines are among the most sought after in California because of their bold, complex flavors & their tendency to change dramatically in the glass. Sean believes that it is impossible for 2 bottles of wine to be the same. In todays world of corporate wineries and manufactured wines, enjoying a bottle of Sean Thackrey’s is indescribably refreshing.