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Snoqualmie 2013 ECO Riesling

Snoqualmie 2013 ECO Riesling

When I am not gulping down crisp Riesling or a light Pinot Noir, which happens – let’s face it quite often, I
teach Film & Television studies. So, when I came across Snoqualmie Vineyards from Washington State I was
thrilled, why is that? Well because the town of Snoqualmie was used for most of the exterior shooting
locations of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Cool, right?

What’s even more cool is that Snoqualmie Vineyards make extraordinarily great, sustainable and organic
wine at an affordable and approachable price. They have done this since 1983. Having the vineyard located
in the windy, dry and sunny (300 days a year) Columbia Valley makes for some amazing crisp and aromatic
wines. And the Snoqualmie 2013 ECO Riesling is no exception. The grapes for this particular wine are all
from Horse Heaven Hills, one of the 12 AVAs under the larger Columbia Valley AVA.

The summer of 2013 was the warmest in a decade, but luckily the climate cooled down before the harvest
which aided in the hang time development of the grapes. The result was grapes containing a lot of fruit and
The wine ferments in steel tanks for a total of 16 days and receives no additional aging in oak barrels.

I have tried the 2013 vintage a few times before and never it disappoints. It’s an absolutely stunning wine
and it’s peaking right now. It’s a very aromatic wine, with notes of sweet and ripe apples and pears, honey
and lemon zest. All in all a lovely crisp wine with a hint of residual sugar, a true thirst-quencher!

You can easily drink this wine just as it is, or you could pair it with cured salmon, sushi and sashimi. This is a
great wine to have in stock for the coming summer. Enjoy!